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Billionnaires interpretation of downsizing!?

Maya Rudolph's  Malibu 20,000 sft  "Beach Cabana"as she calls it, is for sale at  $37.9 M!

Season 2 of the Apple tv+ series, starring Maya Rudolf as Molly Nowak, a Billionnaire's wife inspired by MacKenzie Scott character who discovers that her uber-wealthy tech entrepreneur husband, John (Adam Scott), has been having an affair with his  assistant. 

After moving out of their 105,000 sft home. Molly (Maya Rudolph) decided to "downsize" to a 20,000 sft Beach home in Malibu . In first episode of season 2, Molly invites us to take a look inside her "Beach Cabana" in Malibu.

Lush Courtyard with tropical plants, floating steps over a magical Koi ponds surrounded by waterfalls and Hand carved  Blue stone imported from Greece, overlooking a 70 ' long infinity pool dropping into the Blue Ocean water. This is the playground of the newly divorcee wanting to rebuild her physical, mental , spiritual well being as she describes in episode 1 of season 2.

This is actually the perfect house for it! The house was built with Feng-shui in mind and was carefully crafted in order to have a sense of peace, yes a luxurious "Peace"! Namaste to the builder!

The house in located in a secluded, low profile part of Malibu where celebrities and high-net worth individuals mansions are hidden behind gates and the security is one of the most elaborated.

Only minutes away from a small airport where you can fly direct with your private jet and avoid the traffic and inconvenience in flying to LAX ! This is Quiet luxury at its best...  "Quiet" luxurious in a Billionaire's language.

 The listing agent, Estel Hilton with The Beverly Hills Estates told us, with a very French accent: " The buyer(s) will probably be a similar character form the show Loot, either a high tech Billionaire or even a divorcee looking to explore their new life!"

The property looks like a Resort in Bali and offers 6 Bedrooms, 1o Baths, a gym, a sumptuous movie theater with its own candy bar, pop corn makers and 2 powder rooms , All pocket windows are automated. There is a massive aquarium separating the dining room to the living area, game room with bar and piano, all walls are covered with custom wood slates or back lit onyx. There is 2 primary suites on the top floors with incredible views including 2 state of the art bathroom with heated floors, and Ocean views from your bath tub.  

 So if you are ready for your "Loot" lifestyle, here is the perfect house for you!

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