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Malibu is a premier and highly exclusive beachfront community in Southern California that’s among the most popular destinations for prospective homeowners who are searching for a luxury property in a desirable location. Many of the homes located in Malibu provide panoramic views of the ocean that will leave you feeling completely relaxed at the end of your workday. You’ll also be provided with spectacular views of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, which allows residents of this beautiful city to enjoy both ocean and mountain scenery.

Due to its prime location in Southern California, Malibu hosts a large number of fun and exciting outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and water sports. No matter where you live in Malibu, the city is in close proximity to many fantastic entertainment and shopping hubs, which include those of Thousand Oaks and Downtown LA.

If you’re looking for an exclusive beachfront or ranch community in Malibu, there are many great neighborhoods and communities for you to select from! Continue reading to learn more or start browsing all Malibu homes for sale.

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Malibu Colony

Malibu Colony is among the most well known gated communities in Malibu. It was also among the first neighborhoods developed in Malibu back in the 1920’s. Since then, it has become a very attractive destination for business and entertainment professionals as well as individuals and families that are looking for the most upscale properties in the city.

Most of the properties in this community are located on or around the beach, which provides residents with some gorgeous ocean views. The gated aspect of this community ensures your privacy as well as your security with the presence of security guards at the entrance to the neighborhood.

The homes in Malibu Colony are spacious estate homes and large properties that provide the utmost in luxury. Along with the convenient access to the beach, homeowners are typically provided with spectacular amenities like home automation, fireplaces, and detached guest suites.

Many homes in Malibu are located almost directly on the water, affording residents spectacular panoramic ocean views

Serra Retreat

Serra Retreat is another exclusive gated community in Malibu that plays host to some of the most luxurious homes in Malibu. While the community isn’t primarily a beachfront one, it’s located on cliffs that are overlooking the beach, which offer up some amazing views.

When searching for a home in this neighborhood, you’ll be presented with lots that range in size from 1-5 acres. A few of the homes that are comprised of larger lots are ranch-style homes with equestrian amenities, which makes the neighborhood a great destination if you own horses and live an equestrian lifestyle. The community is relatively small and consists of around 100 homes. The Serra Retreat neighborhood is situated in a more rural and secluded location than many other communities in Malibu.

Broad Beach

The Broad Beach community is an exclusive beachfront community in Malibu that’s located along 1.1 miles of land. Just like Serra Retreat, Broad Beach is a relatively small yet upscale community that contains around 100 different properties, many of which include vast estate homes and contemporary properties that are designed with style in mind. The ocean views add a serene and peaceful atmosphere for residents of the community, which is among the many reasons as to why it’s a prized location.

The homes in the neighborhood range in size from 3,000-7,000 square feet and usually come with such features as an open floor plan, roof terrace, and custom bar.

El Matador Beach is considered to be a premier Southern California beach with spectacular rock formations and panoramic ocean views

El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is a small community with homes that are situated along bluffs overlooking the beautiful El Matador Beach. Residents of this community gain access to a beach that’s considered by many to be among the best in California. You’ll be able to get glimpses of pelicans and sea lions on an almost daily basis if you enjoy spending time outdoors. The neighborhood also plays host to sprawling sea caves and picturesque sandstone pillars.

The homes found in El Matador Beach are among the most expensive in Malibu because of their prime location as well as their luxurious amenities. Many of these homes have been custom built to match the exact specifications of a previous owner.

Encinal Bluffs

Encinal Bluffs is among the more secluded neighborhoods in Malibu that’s located just to the west of the El Matador Beach and Broad Beach neighborhoods. The homes in this community are similar to the ones found in the nearby neighborhoods. However, many of the large estates that can be found in the Encinal Bluffs community also come with large lots that can be used for equestrian purposes. While most homes in the neighborhood offer beach and ocean views, the properties are located on bluffs that are overlooking the beach.

Many luxury homes in Malibu can be found just on the water’s edge

Carbon Beach

If you’re searching for some of the best and most luxurious homes in Malibu, Carbon Beach is the community you’re looking for. This neighborhood is commonly referred to as billionaire beach because of the vast custom estate homes that are found within the area. Just recently, a home was sold for upwards of $40 million due to the ideal location along the beach as well as the privacy afforded to residents of the neighborhood. The beach itself has a crescent shape to it and is among the more beloved beaches in the vicinity.

Every resident in Carbon Beach is provided with scenic ocean and beach views. The best homes are located in the middle of the crescent and can come with floor plans of 4,000-10,000 square feet.

Malibu Cove Colony

The Malibu Cove Colony is a very private and exclusive neighborhood that provides residents with gated entrances that offer up a substantial amount of security. The homes in this gated community are situated directly on the beach and tend to come with a modern and contemporary design to them. These homes are considered to be estate homes, which means that you’ll be provided with large floor plans and elegant amenities such as an outdoor pool and a wood fireplace.

The beachfront lots provide access to a wonderful beach that’s located just beside Latigo Shores and the Escondido Beach.

Escondido Beach

Escondido Beach is among the more private yet beautiful communities in Malibu. The road of the same name that these homes are located on runs parallel to the popular beach, which ensures that residents only need to take a short walk for some exciting outdoor activities. The homes in this community are very large with sizable 1.5-2.0 acre lots.

The architecture in these homes has a contemporary flair to it that allows for an openness to the design that helps to accommodate homeowners looking for a relaxing and comfortable lifestyle. Spacious patios and gardens are common among the homes in Escondido Beach.

Topanga Beach

Topanga Beach is a lovely neighborhood along the Pacific Coast Highway that provides homeowners with some breathtaking views of the nearby Pacific Ocean. Some of the larger estate homes are located directly on the beach, while other properties are located just down the street. While many of the homes in this neighborhood aren’t situated on the beach, they all offer up expansive views of the ocean and the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, which provides you with the best of both worlds.

Point Dume allows the residents of this community privacy due to its location

Point Dume

Point Dume is a neighborhood in Malibu that offers a substantial amount of variety to prospective homeowners. This community is located on a peninsula on the other side of the Pacific Coast Highway, which allows the community to be more private than many others throughout the area. The streets in this neighborhood have no sidewalks or street lamps, which provides it with a more rural atmosphere. There are nearly 400 homes throughout the entirety of Point Dume, the types of which depend on the exact location of the homes.

Further inland are some relatively inexpensive single-family residences that are available at prices of $1-2 million. These prices become much higher as you get closer to the coast. While some of these properties are available as small cottages and beach homes that are designed first and foremost for people who wish to lead a laid back lifestyle, many of the beachfront homes are ranch-style properties and estate homes with price tags of up to $25 million.

Winding Way

Winding Way is a small and private neighborhood that consists of around 100 properties. If you want to own an equestrian property or ranch home, the homes in this community are perfect for you. These properties come with lots of 2-5 acres, many of which are already comprised of some equestrian amenities and features. While most parcels of land reach a maximum of five acres, some properties have lots of close to 100 acres. Many horse riding trails can be found throughout the neighborhood.

Malibu Pier can be seen from many Malibu homes on the beach as well as from the bluffs overlooking the beach .

Bonsall Canyon

Bonsall Canyon is the perfect place to go if you’re searching for peace and tranquility. The homes in this area range from ranch-style properties with flat yet spacious yards to vast estate homes that provide some spectacular views of the nearby ocean and mountains. While the busy Pacific Coast Highway is located nearby, residents of this neighborhood are provided with an uncommon serenity because of the numerous trees, flowers, and plants that are found in the area.

On one end of the neighborhood is the relaxing Zuma beach. On the other end is some land that’s labeled as part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which provides you with access to dozens of pristine Malibu hiking trails.

Malibu Park

Malibu Park is the premier destination for horse lovers. Within this neighborhood is a large equestrian center as well as numerous riding trails that allow you to lead the equestrian lifestyle with ease.

The community also plays host to several schools, which include an elementary school, middle school, and high school. Many of the properties that you’ll find in this neighborhood consist of ranch-style homes with large lots. There are also a variety of grand estate homes that provide fantastic ocean views.

Malibu Country Estates

Malibu Country Estates is a community of single-family residences in Malibu that’s located just north of the Pacific Coast Highway. Even though the community is situated in a more rural location nearby the beach, the neighborhood itself has sidewalks, paved streets, storm sewers, and street lights that give the area a more suburban feel to it.

Private access to Malibu Beach makes many Malibu communities ideal for those who enjoy water sports

Malibu West

Malibu West is a highly popular destination among families that are searching for a place to live. This is a private and gated community just nearby the beach that consists mainly of spacious single-family homes and condominiums.

The beach is a private one that’s available solely to residents of this community. Residents also have access to tennis courts and regular social events.

Big Rock Mesa

Big Rock Mesa is a sizable neighborhood that provides prospective homeowners with many fantastic estate homes to choose from, most of which have been built in the contemporary style. The homes in this community are situated on bluffs that overlook the ocean, which provides residents with some spectacular views of Catalina Island and the Malibu Shoreline.

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