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Trousdale Estates is a community within the City of Beverly Hills, carved out of the hillside from what was once the Doheny Estate. Most of the homes within the development were built during the 1960s and feature mid-century modern homes sited on terraced lots. Trousdale Estates real estate consists of a high concentration of homes designed by notable architects and led to the neighborhood's reputation as an enclave for mid-century modern chic. Other architectural styles are represented within the neighborhood, ranging from the more traditional to ultra-modern glass jewel boxes. The community is home to many high-profile residents, who value the privacy afforded by lush landscaping, gated lots, and a private security firm with armed guards patrolling the neighborhood around the clock.

Real estate developer Paul Trousdale, who built over 25,000 homes in Southern California during his career, is best known for creating the swanky Beverly Hills enclave known as Trousdale Estates. Construction on Trousdale Estates neighborhood began in the 1950s and continued through the 1970s, with renowned architects like Richard DormanWallace Neff, and Lloyd Wright all contributing. Interestingly, each home was limited to span no more than 3,000 feet and one story high in order to preserve the gorgeous landscapes. Thus, Trousdale Beverly Hills real estate has the distinct characteristic of drawing in architecture buffs and those looking for panoramic views of the city and the Pacific Ocean alike. Due to the time period in which many of these homes were built, mid century architecture dominates the neighborhood. However, there are some ultra-modern homes sprinkled in for those looking for something a bit more contemporary. No matter which home style you choose, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best security possible, as gated abodes and around-the-clock monitoring are a given. Are you ready to start your search for beautiful Trousdale Estates homes for sale? Browse through the listings below to get started.

People & Lifestyle

Trousdale Estates has always been known for its celebrity connections. Some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics, such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon, and Groucho Marx, all lived in the neighborhood at the height of their popularity. In more recent years, people like Jane Fonda and Richard Perry, Charlie Puth, and Jennifer Aniston all purchased homes in the neighborhood. A-listers and wealthy families flock to Trousdale Estate due to its privacy and security.

Trousdale Estates is a residential community, so there aren’t endless restaurants and shops within its borders. However, due to its beautifully designed architecture and countless in-home amenities, inhabitants can keep entertained without ever having to leave their property. For example, almost every home comes with a swimming pool, making it the perfect cool oasis on those plentiful warm and sunny Los Angeles days. It’s also a great place to throw a dinner party or barbecue, with its unbeatable scenic backdrop, especially at sunset. Home buyers can expect the same for most homes for sale in Trousdale Estates.

Trousdale Estates is deeply embedded into Los Angeles history with the Greystone Mansion--a main attraction of the area. Though once a private property, the mansion is now listed on the Registry of Historic Places and available to tour. Visitors can peruse over 46,000 square feet while learning about the building’s storied past. An iconic piece of Los Angeles real estate, you may also recognize Greystone Mansion for its appearance in films such as Spider-Man, The Social Network, The Holiday, and many more.

Trousdale Estates is part of the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Highlights include:

Trousdale estates service the following zip code:  90210

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